Pre Fanned Russian Volume 5D Eyelashes

Pre Fanned Russian Volume 5D Eyelashes


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Discover the Glamify Russian volume 5D eyelash extensions. This type of lash is used for express volume and hybrid lashing. They have been delicately bonded (not glued) at the root and curled outwards for a fan effect. Each tray comes with 12 lines of your selected curl, thickness and length lashes to a total of 132 fans per tray. These eyelashes can be easily applied and are perfect for creating a dramatic yet lightweight lash look at the same time. 

Skip the preparation process, we have done it for you. We understand how time consuming and frustrating it can be trying to create perfect volume fan lashes. These lashes are suitable for use by lash techs who are 1:1 eyelash extensions and 1:1 technique trained, we are providing the 3:1 and 4:1 volume results!


  • Thickness is 0.10mm
  • Available from 8mm to 14mm
  • Curved to replicate the natural lashes
  • Do not compromise clients natural lashes
  • Easy use for both semi-permanent and russian volume lash technicians
  • Cost and time effective